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RM Legal provides legal and tax expertise to solve problems and overcome challenges for both domestic and foreign businesses.

Due to the extensive experience of our attorneys and tax counselors gained in the course of holding positions in governing bodies of commercial law partnerships and companies we are able to deliver bespoke and comprehensive services which fall beyond the coverage of standard legal services provision and they include:


  • restructuring of businesses and companies for the purpose of making them more profitable (through inter alias minimizing tax liabilities), or better organized for their present needs;
  • conducting due diligence process;
  • management of the implemented solutions within the scope of a business project being conducted;
  • consultancy and assistance in the transactions within the area of Venture Capital/Private Equity;
  • complex transaction services including coordination of actions of all the parties involved;
  • negotiating on behalf of a client with a view of completing the transaction;
  • assessing and drafting of all the contracts regarding a given transaction as well as their amendments in the course of negotiation.

We specializes in providing support for business
entities as well as their ventures.

Law firm

Law firm

Being aware of individual needs of each client the services are provided under the direct supervision of an attorney at law.

As our priority is to meet our clients’ expectations we use our best endeavors as well as all the resources to provide top-quality services in the following areas of law:


  • Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Contract Law;
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity;
  • Construction Law;
  • Real Property Law;
  • IT and ICT (i.e. information and communication technology) Law;
  • Public Procurements Law;
  • Intellectual Property Law;
  • Banking and Insurance Law;
  • Media and Communication Law
  • Employment and Labor Law;
  • Debt Recovery.
tax advisory services

tax advisory services


Gaming Law Practice

We provide complex services covering all aspects of gaming business operations, such as: consultancy, identification of problems regarding gaming operations, undertaking actions with a view to minimizing risks



We assist our Clients in every form of tax advisory particularly through:

We assist our Clients in every form of advisory particularly through:
  • New regulations in Internet and wireless gaming
  • Gaming license requirements including the critically important issue of cross-border regulation within the European Community
  • Litigation affecting gaming operations—including non-gaming legal issues (e.g. employment law, banking regulations, and even personal injury law) as applied to casinos
  • Economic impacts of gaming issues and growth
  • Gaming tax issues
  • Intellectual property of casinos, gaming equipment manufacturers, and online gaming websites
  • Legal aspects of all forms of gaming, including casino games, lotteries, sports books and horse racing

We also represent our Clients in proceedings before authorities and administrative courts, including appellate proceedings.

commercial partnerships and companies

commercial partnerships and companies

RM Legal assists clients in the formation of a commercial partnership or a company.

For those clients who need quick solutions RM Legal ensures the possibility of setting up a business (including incorporation of companies) within 1- 2 days of the receipt of instructions.

The assistance includes:

  • preparing a partnership agreement or articles of associationas well as statutory forms to the Tax Office, Statistical Office and National Court Registry;
  • arranging a meeting with a notary in the location and time convenient for a client;
  • submitting the required documents to appropriate authorities;
  • monitoring and coordinating the process of business registration as well as any amendments to the business;
  • providing a client with documents confirming the registration of the business or amendments thereto;
Legal Adviser

Marek Plota

Legal Adviser
  • specializes in Contract Law as well as in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions;
  • advisor and negotiator in investmentnprojects, including Venture Capital/Private Equity sector;
  • expert of the real-property market and licensed property manager (license no: 23229, issued by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Marine Economy);
  • advisor and negotiator in the process of commercialization of the City Stadium in Wrocław;
  • graduated from the European Academy of Diplomacy;
  • completed postgraduate studies in: “Management of European Funds”;
  • member of governing bodies in many companies and commercial partnerships;
  • provides legal services in English.
+48 501 074 486
Legal Adviser

Szymon Gorzelany

Legal Adviser
  • specializes in Corporate Law;
  • advisor and negotiator in the process of mergers, divisions and conversions of companies as well as in transactions connected with raising capital within Venture Capital/Private Equity sector;
  • expert in Commercial Law;
  • provides legal services in English.
+48 508 683 866
Legal Adviser

Radosław Putek

Legal Adviser
  • specialises in Civil, Commercial, Financial, Employment, Intellectual Property Law as well as in Banking and Insurance Law;
  • expert in contract law matters, provides counseling in negotiation;
  • advises on research and development projects as well as on start- ups within the area of New Medical Technologies;
  • has o good deal of experience in financial business restructuring and in acquiring funds from the public resources as well as EU funds;
  • has represented clients before courts in many civil, commercial and employment law disputes as well as in administrative proceedings and before the administrative court;
  • provides legal services in English.
+48 501 074 486
Szymska - Król
Legal Adviser Trainee

Katarzyna Szymska - Król

Legal Adviser Trainee
  • specialises in Civil, Commercial and Intellectual Property Law;
  • expert in commercial contracts as well as in Company and Corporate Law;
  • has a great deal of experience in providing legal services to companies with a foreign capital share, including entities within the IT area;
  • advises on foundations and associations law issues;
  • foreigners affairs consultant;
  • provides legal services in English.
Legal Adviser Trainee

Marta Prach

Legal Adviser Trainee
  • specialises in Civil, Commercial and Carriage Law;
  • expert in Consumer Sale, Compensations, Employment and Construction Law;
  • has a good deal of experience in contracts assessment and drafting within the area of Civil and Commercial Law;
  • advises on intellectual property law issues as well as on the protection of personal interests,
  • provides legal services in English.
Chartered Accountant

Jacek Komsta

Chartered Accountant
  • entered into the register of chartered accountants under the number: 10255 kept by the National Board of Certified Chartered Accountants;
  • qualified to provide bookkeeping services;
  • an expert witness within the Accountancy sector;
  • supervises companies’ restructuring processes, including mergers, divisions and conversions;
  • provides services in English.
Office Manager

Julita Jaworowska

Office Manager
  • responsible for the administrative matters in our law firm,
  • expert in trade mark registration both in the Patent Office in Poland as well as in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market;
  • specialises in the administrative proceedings and in the matters concerning the access to public information;
  • provides legal services in German.
Our clients

Our clients

RM Legal has an outstanding business-like attitude towards legal issues
Capital solutions
Pro Alfa Sp. z o. o.

The law firm has supported the Company in preparation for the 2012 UEFA European Championship.
Wrocław 2012
Sp. z o. o.

The legal assistance rendered by the law firm was professional and reliable while at the same time remained dynamic.

Netmedia S.A.

The in-depth knowledge of investment funds, in particular within the area of the Venture Capital.
Nomad Management

The tasks we commissioned were carried out professionally with a great involvement on the part of the law firm
Vac Aero Kalisz
Sp. z o. o.

The law firm actions were flexible with respect to the steps undertaken with a view of starting our restaurant business...

Why Thai Food & Wine

The RM Legal law firm is an expert in legal services provision for the real-estate market
Sp z o. o.


We will be happy to provide you with a full list of references at your request.


There is no recruitment process pending at the moment.

The position involves:

  • providing legal advise;
  • examination and assessment of contracts;
  • acting on behalf of clients in disputes.


  • a diploma in law;
  • qualifications as a legal adviser is a must;
  • min. 5 years PQE;
  • fluency in English, both in speaking and writing.


There is no recruitment process pending at the moment.

The position involves:

  • supporting the law firm in current issues;
  • verifying and assessing legal documents, where the knowledge of law is necessary.


If you meet our requirements and would like to apply for one of the above positions, please send your covering letter and curriculum vitae to:

RM Legal Kancelaria Radców Prawnych
ul. Kościuszki 29
50-011 Wrocław

or e-mail: kancelaria@rmlegal.pl

Please remember to consent to our processing of your perso-nal data. The consent is necessary for us to carry on the re-cruitment process: "Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych zawartych w mojej ofercie pracy dla potrzeb niezbędnych do realizacji procesu rekrutacji (zgodnie z Ustawą o Ochronie Danych Osobowych z dnia 29.08.97, Dz.U. Nr 133 Poz. 883)."



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